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After initially denying the allegations, Trump settled the lawsuits for $25 million in November 2016. In 2019, more than two years into his presidency, Trump agreed to pay $2 million in damages and to admit guilt to settle another lawsuit by the attorney general of New York that had accused him of illegally using assets from his charity, the Trump Foundation, to fund his 2016 presidential campaign. As part of the settlement, the Trump Foundation was dissolved.

Ustra had headed the DOI-CODI torture unit where Rousseff was allegedly tortured during the military dictatorship. Left-wing deputy Jean Wyllys spat at him after his statement during the same session. The congressman claimed to have suffered homophobic offenses from Jair Bolsonaro and his allies.[188][189]

A vitória de Trump foi uma Enorme reviravolta política, já qual quase Praticamente as pesquisas nacionais na época mostravam Hillary Clinton com uma modesta vantagem Derivado do Trump e as pesquisas estaduais mostravam-na com uma modesta vantagem de modo a ganhar este colé especialmentegio eleitoral.[121] Os erros em várias pesquisas estaduais foram mais tarde atribuídos aos pesquisadores que superestimam este apoio de Clinton entre eleitores natural-educados e nãeste-brancos, enquanto subestimaram este apoio do Trump entre ESTES eleitores brancos da classe trabalhadora.

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In July 2021, Bolsonaro claimed on Brazilian radio that his government's greatest achievement was "two and a half years without corruption".[128] In the same month, a scandal dubbed "vaccine-gate" emerged. After months of denying offers of vaccines and bartering the costs, Bolsonaro's government made a deal to buy the unapproved Covaxin vaccine from the Indian company Bharat Biotech at a very high price.

During the 2018 presidential campaign, Bolsonaro said he would make considerable changes to Brazil's foreign relations, saying that the "Itamaraty needs to be in service of the values that jair bolsonaro filhos were always associated with the Brazilian people". He also said that the country should stop "praising dictators" and attacking democracies, such as the United States, Israel and Italy.[195] In early 2018, he affirmed that his "trip to the five democratic countries the United States, Israel, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan showed who we will be and we would like to join good people". Bolsonaro has shown distrust towards China throughout the presidential campaign claiming they "[want to] buy Brazil",[196][197] although Brazil recorded a US$20 billion trade surplus with China in 2018, and China is only the 13th largest source of foreign direct investment into jair bolsonaro telegram Brazil.

A banker there "at the urging of Ivanka Trump — kept close tabs on the bank’s consideration of the request," James' team wrote. As part of the financing, "Mr. Trump, as guarantor, would be required to provide his annual statement of financial condition to the bank," the lawsuit says.

Ele se tornou candidato a presidente da República em 2022 depois qual Roberto Jefferson, do quem era candidato a vice, teve a candidatura negada pelo TSE.

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And the lawsuit pointed to Ivanka Trump’s involvement in securing a loan for purchasing the Doral golf course in Florida and Chicago properties in 2012 – loans that James claims were extended in part because of financial statements allegedly containing misrepresentations.

The first federal police investigation into the attack concluded that the attacker acted alone, but the investigation "leaves out many issues".[95] Bolsonaro said he did not observe "any effort by former minister Sergio Moro to resolve the matter.

You,Inc vai derrubar ‘predinhos’ para construir arranha-cé especialmenteus em bairros nobres por Sãeste Paulo Briga ferrenha por terrenos na capital paulista possui como pano jair bolsonaro telegram por fundo lei por zoneamento, qual permitiu edifícios Muito mais altos em regiões que são eixos do transporte coletivo, como a Vila Madalena Emais        

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The lawsuit also says Trump’s company used “deceptive strategies” to pull off these schemes, and lied to its own accounting firm, which subsequently prepared financial statements containing bad information.

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